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Although her day job is as a law clerk in Toronto’s bustling financial district, Sara is a creative soul who has a passion for the weird and the beautiful. She enjoys traveling the world and draws on her adventures in strange and exotic places to craft her bespoke soaps and soy wax candles. Sara creates her unique candles individually, hand-pouring carefully dyed and scented wax into eerie and eccentric moulds. Sara uses only the highest-quality ingredients for her products, and she sources organic soy from small business owners in the Toronto area. Soy is not only a highly sustainable and renewable resource, but soy wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin and emits less soot and fewer toxins than traditional candles. This makes soy candles ideal for allergy-suffers and those who would like to keep exploring a happy, healthy planet. Shop local; buy from Sara.

Sara first had an idea while on vacation in Whistler, BC, when she stopped at a local store on the side of the sea to sky highway and got the coolest handmade soap - she wished there were things like this in Toronto, not just hand made, but fun and funky and cool. So she built off that idea and made her first soap in November 2015, a Darth Vader mold for a coworker who was in love with Star Wars. She posted the soap on Bunz and the idea took off. (for those of you who don't know, Bunz is a local bartering site in Toronto). With over 80 orders her first week in bartering, the ideas for new and exciting soaps came flowing in and the candles started in February 2016.

Our First Market

Although Bunz bartering was in full swing, Sara thought she'd try her hand at markets. Being very shy with social anxiety, she didn't know where to start. But one day, on Bunz, a fellow community member announced a market for female (or female identifying) Bunz to participate in. Sara felt that was a perfect starting off point - fellow local artists in a supportive environment. And was she ever right! This was the perfect place to start her market experience. Every market since has been a nerve wracking but rewarding experience. She still gets nervous at each one, but it's people like you that attend that make her feel at ease and her love to create drives her to keep attending! She hopes to see you at the next market - check for market updates on the main page!

1,000 Happy Customers

So apparently I can't edit the title of this right now... leave it up to my stellar skills at editting templates (sorry). But I do think I have had hundreds, if not 1000 customers. All happy as far as I know - I mean, I would hope you would tell me if my products stunk (whether it be a good or bad stink). Always happy to correct something that wasn't up to your standards customers - YOU are the reason I do this. You are and the love of creating and constantly experimenting with new and exciting scents, shapes, colour techniques, etc. 

Why Us?

Sara loves to support small business, stocking her items in stores owned by locals like herself. She believes in shopping local, and when you buy from Sara, you're supporting a local small business yourself.

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